Terms and Conditions

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Online Portfolio

All work on this web site has been created by Steffan Chyzak. Under no circumstances should work be taken from this site without Steffan Chyzaks consent. Work taken without consent will result in legal action. If you would like a copy of the work a written request must be attained and a fee will be applied to the amount deemed fit by the owner.

Services and Work undertaken

Unless otherwise stated in a written contract, graphic design, illustrations, photography, portfolio, web site design, layout, infrastructures, development, management, prototypes, are the sole property of Steffan Chyzak. If you would like these rights then a fee will be applied to the amount deemed fit by the owner.


Web hosting is provided with all web site deployments, unless the client states that they want to host the web site elsewhere. Hosting is for one year and incurs a fee every year for renewal. Hosting includes one year of web space, one main email account and a .co.uk domain.

Maintenance of Web sites

Maintenance of the web site incurs a small fee and is dependant upon the changes required. If maintenance of the web site is out of scope under these terms an new brief and design quote will be issued.


All projects require a deposit of up to and including 50% of the original quote. This secures Steffan Chyzaks time and efforts to ensuring you receive the highest possible service within the most efficient time scale possible. The final balance is due upon completion of the project. Under no circumstances will web sites be live until the final payment has cleared. If payment is a problem upon finishing a project a late fee will be added and an incremental payment schedule will be enforced to ensure the project is utilised and all parties are happy.


Every effort has been made to ensure that this site is accessible to everyone. If you are having trouble viewing the contents of this site please contact us with details of the issue.

Thank you and enjoy the web site and services available.